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OCT 6, 2017

Morbid Fans! Kingdoms Disdained is now available to pre-order here:  
Morbid Angel’s 9th studio album will be released worldwide on Dec 1st on Silver Lining Music and via JVC in Japan, reuniting guitarist and founder Trey Azagthoth with bassist and vocalist Steve Tucker to create this world beating apocalyptic soundtrack.  

The album will be available in CD (jewel case and digipack with lenticular cover), 180gms Vinyl in a Gatefold and Digital download...& don’t forget you will be receiving the immediate download of “Piles of Little Arms” when you pre-order.
A special Edition Boxset will be available to order very shortly.  

Just one play of Morbid Angel’s searing, incendiary Kingdoms Disdained, and you’ll realize that this is the only true current aural document of a world sinking into uncharted despair.  “The album title says it all,” states Tucker, “everybody’s fed up and nobody can figure out how to fix it. We’ve got all these miniature wars in neighborhoods, cities, countries, and we’ve got people with varying opinions causing chaos, yet everyone is doing what they feel is right. Which all makes it feels like the world has reached a point of utter madness and confusion.”
Recorded at Mana Studios in St. Petersburg, FL and produced by Morbid Angel with Erik Rutan (Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Hate Eternal, Six Feet Under, Belphegor), Azagthoth, Tucker and drummer Scotty Fuller created 11 pieces of devastatingly dynamic death metal.
 Pre-order links: please note just FYI for the physical product, the link would direct only to the CD configuration at the moment, as Amazon is indexing the products (linking them together at the back-end), as they do this it will automatically update.

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