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The members of Morbid Angel are endorsed by the following:

Dean guitars

Marshall amplification

Ddrum - acoustic and electronic drum products

Sabian cymbals

Axis pedals

Ampeg bass amplification

Bartolini bass pickups

DigiTech effects

Kepur guitar straps

Visit the links above and check out these great brands.

Here are a couple of new toys made for Trey by Dean Guitars -
The sleek bolt-on 24-fret Floyd-equipped monster V properly named "X-CORE" along with his
brand new "ASTRO-X" meanie that he acquired right before taking off on the current tour.
No, you can't own one of these bad boys yet, but do stay tuned...

Here is David's famed DEMONATOR bass from Dean Guitars.
It is available for retail today in both black and white finishes
as an upper line neck-thru model loaded with Bartolini pickups
or a more affordable base line model that still growls like a demon,
so won't you get off your ass and GET YOUR WINGS!

Pete behind his new D-Drum all-custom drum set, complete with Sabian cymbals and Axis pedals.
New detailed pics coming soon...

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