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All Content: 1984-2013 (C) Morbid Angel (P)

The current touring lineup of Morbid Angel (left to right): guitarist Destructhor; frontman / bassist David Vincent; drummer Tim Yeung and guitarist Trey Azagthoth.

Trey Azagthoth is the founding member responsible for creating Morbid Angel in 1984. Trey is the mean mastermind behind the band's ever-evolving musical progression, eternally amazing the worlwide audience with his unmatched fretboard wizardry.

David Vincent is the classic Morbid Angel frontman whose return to the band in 2004 marked a new Morbid era for the legions of diehard fans. He is regarded as the quintessential death metal frontman by true connosieurs of the genre.

Pete "Commando" Sandoval is the legendary Morbid Angel drummer renown for his speed, precision, stamina, along with his undying dedication to the craft which he himself pioneered. He is a true innovator and an inspiration to many.

Destructhor is the new touring guitarist in Morbid Angel. Thor's intense and technical style had earned him the honor of becoming the new Morbid stage axeman in May of 2008.

Tim Yeung - drums - recorded the drumtracks for the "Illud Divinum Insanus" album in 2010 - 2011 and was hired by the band to perform on the touring cycle for the album as the longtime drummer Pete Sandoval recovers from major back surgery.

Erik Rutan - guitar - drafted into the lineup in '93 for the European leg of the Covenant tour as live guitarist. Erik was a full contributing member on the following effort, Domination. Rutan appeared as second guitarist on Gateways to Annihilation, leaving Morbid Angel in 2002 to fully concentrate on Hate Eternal. Erik made a special return appearance on the band's 2006 European Summer Festival run.

Steve Tucker - vocals & bass - joined Morbid Angel in 1996 following Vincent's departure and made his debut with the band on 1996's Formulas Fatal To The Flesh. Appeared as a credited songwriter on Gateways To Annihilation. Left the band, but returned to record and tour for Heretic, the band's 2003 effort. Permanently exited the band in 2004 followed by the return of David Vincent.

Richard Brunelle - guitar - a member of the classic oldschool Morbid Angel lineup, Richard is the other guitarist alongside Trey on the Atars Of Madness and Blessed Are The Sick albums. Left the band in 1993 and briefly returned for a number of live dates in 1998.

Jared Anderson - vocals & bass - (1976-2006 RIP) member of Erik Rutan's Hate Eternal. Handled a large part of the touring duties for Gateways To Annihilation in 2001. He is greatly missed by all.

Mike Browning - drums & vocals - the original Morbid Angel drummer from the band's pre-Altars era, appeared on the band's first demo album Abominations Of Desolation (produced by David Vincent) which was recorded before Vincent and Sandoval joined the band.

Tony Norman - guitar - handled live guitar duties for Heretic and Masters Of Chaos tours.